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Gardner Construction & Industrial Services Inc.

47 Olivine St

Chicopee, MA 01013


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Commonwealth of Massachusetts DCAMM / DOT:

New Registry of Motor Vehicles Build-Out - $1,800,000.00


City of Chicopee / Chicopee Electric Light:

Replace Existing Rake System for Hydro-Electric Power Facility –

Contract Value -$363,876.00


Springfield Public Schools—Administrative Support Facility

Contract Value- $600,000.00


Pyramid Corporation Area Malls:

Multiple Retail Build-Outs,  including new AutoBahn Race Trak  - $940,000.00


City of Chicopee

· 2014 Flood Control Project- $1 Million

· WE Mills Infrastructure Project- $2.7 Million

· Rivers Park Pool Repairs- $170 K

· Szot Park ADA Improvements- $462K

· Trash Rack Replacement- $364K



Fuji Steakhouse Landlord Work Holyoke Mall

Selective demolition and MEP work $430,000.00


Cilantro Restaurant Holyoke Mall

Total Demo and build back $180,000.00


Hannoush/Giftology Store Hampshire Mall

Total demo and build back $325,000.00


Holyoke Gas & Electric:

Annual Contract / Including multiple Structural Steel Task Orders:

Generator Replacements S Race and Water St-